I’ve Had Enough

No, I’m not comparing, but I’ve had enough. I know we argue a lot, and people say it’s usual. Maybe it was, but not anymore. I’VE HAD ENOUGH. I was always known to be the maldita one. Even at times that we fight and argue, people always think I start it. People always think I’m […]

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I don’t know what it is with this year and closure. May 7, 2017, nag sturya kami ni Matt. May 24, 2017, nag sturya kami ni Edward. Convo with Edward: “Nine straight nights na ko ga inom.” “Teh ngaa Ward haw, ngaa naga sige ka inom haw?” “Para makapalagyo sa sakit.” “Ano nga sakit?” …………………. I […]

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I don’t know how to begin. Who knew I would be such a heart breaker. Who knew.. I’m sorry, Cedrik. It started when I was weak and vulnerable in high school, and I was able to do things I’m not proud of. Sure, I defended myself (verbally) to Matthew that we never even reached first […]

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I’m back to reopen what I thought was closed for a very long time. If there is anything that I regret so much in my entire life, it was doing something I KNEW I would regret. You ask me why I did it. The thing is, no matter what I say, I wouldn’t be able to […]

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Well, 2014 was memorable, both positively and negatively. The first half, I spent with you. The happiest months of my 2014. I thought it was going to go on until the end of the year. But nope, it’s okay though. You made me stronger and wiser. I’d like to leave my foolish self in 2014. […]

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You said it had nothing to do with me when obviously it did. You said it. You stopped talking to me because you selfishly didn’t want yourself hurt. I know I did nothing wrong and I know you did worse. You told me you weren’t talking to any other girl. How foolish do you think am […]

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I keep looking for this feeling of completeness. I dunno. I thought college was gunna be more fun syempre because of freedom, and more parties. Pero no, I have never been so wrong. Yes, college is fun pero lain gid ya ang high school. I don’t know. There’s just this feeling to miss. Hay all […]

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